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Hiccup... 10.28.2007 |

If you're checking my blog for more pics and info from Make a Difference and Fall for Shelby, I apologize. Blogger is being kind of a pain right now, but hopefully I'll have the post back up in good shape soon. Thanks!

Christmas! 10.27.2007 |

I had a chance to swing by the Junior Charity League Gift Galleria. Those ladies are way more prepared for Christmas than I am.

Only boring people are boring... 10.26.2007 |

This flight attendant has got the right idea and it entertains everyone. I'll be on a plane in just a few days time, I hope to get a speech like that.

Shelby High's homecoming parade... |

I went to my first Shelby High School homecoming parade yesterday. Shelby's the only high school doing a parade this year but let me say, it looked pretty darn good.
The rain held back for the proceedings and a good-sized crowd gathered.
The band sounded great! The drum line was going when they passed me and the effect was awesome. I love a good drum line.
It was great to see all the alumni and future alumni supporting the homecoming court and their hometown team.
The Pile On photo from shelbyhighschoolfootball.com

Good luck tonight, Lions!

And good luck to all the county's teams!

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And that'son fire, and that's on fire... 10.24.2007 |

I'm not a 24-hour news junkie. I get the highlights and watch the BBC America broadcast for news from the other 99% of the world. But I have to tell you, I'm a little addicted to seeing what's burning in California today.

Here's a map that details just about everything...who, what, when, where and why...about the fires. It list the status evacuation centers, fire locations -- kit and caboodle. While it's not as heart-wrenching as seeing someone's home go up in flames, it does illustrate the scope rather nicely.

Here's the link...

And here's a screenshot....

Here's some wonderful fire coverage from NOAA...link
It's updated and unbiased (well, it is biased toward "fire is bad")

And a screenshot:

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Blood! 10.02.2007 |

Jamie Murphey finishes up donating at a blood drive at Christian Freedom Baptist Church on Range Road in Kings Mountain. Donors re welcome until 6 p.m.