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The Golden Compass... 11.29.2007 |

Cannot wait to see The Golden Compass...
I've been a fan of the His Dark Materials Trilogy for years and recently revisited it when I heard the movie was coming out.
It has the lovely Nicole Kidman playing a cold, evil woman -- which is what she does best -- and Daniel Craig playing a handsome, aloof man -- which is what he does best. It's far edgier than the Chronicles of Narnia and that's a big draw for me.

Anyone else planning to check it out?

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Elf you! 11.25.2007 |

I "elfed" my co-workers...check it out...
That's business reporter Drew Brooks, Interactive Editor Joy Scott, crime reporter Graham Cawthon and Editor Jon Jimison.

Home again... 11.24.2007 |

The mystery pup has been identified! "Maggie" jumped a fence while her parents were out of town. But her parents got in touch and now Maggie is going to be home with sister "Zoe."

Happy Ending!

Did you lose your dog?? 11.23.2007 |

So we found this dog - rather, she found us - Friday midday. Smallish golden-retriever mix female. She had no tags but looks well taken care of and even has her nails trimmed. (The blue harness is ours...she was naked when she found us.) She was found in the area of Phillips St. and Forestview...just off of Peach St. and E. Marion. If this is your puppy, we'd love to reunite you! She's wonderfully behaved but I'm sure she misses her loving family. Feel free to call me at my work number, 704.669.3344 or email me at cherishwilson@shelbystar.com or leave a comment here...

Your puppy is waiting!