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Did you lose your dog??

So we found this dog - rather, she found us - Friday midday. Smallish golden-retriever mix female. She had no tags but looks well taken care of and even has her nails trimmed. (The blue harness is ours...she was naked when she found us.) She was found in the area of Phillips St. and Forestview...just off of Peach St. and E. Marion. If this is your puppy, we'd love to reunite you! She's wonderfully behaved but I'm sure she misses her loving family. Feel free to call me at my work number, 704.669.3344 or email me at cherishwilson@shelbystar.com or leave a comment here...

Your puppy is waiting!


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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    November 24, 2007 at 8:08 AM  

    Hey this is Alexis Merritt, and you found our Maggie!! We are out of town and my parents were swinging by to feed her and her doggy sister Zoe and they noticed Friday evening she was gone. I left a message on your work phone with our information. We will be back in shelby around lunch time today, and if we don't hear from you then we will stop by! Thanks again for rescuing our dog. My little girl and Zoe will be so excited to have Maggie back! Thanks again and we can't wait to get her back!

    Alexis Merritt top