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Apres moi...

Journalist. Malcontent. Cutie-pie. Worry-wart.

The Chitty Burial

Throughout the day, I'll be covering the Chitty's final arrangements. At 11 a.m. I attended the burial of Jim, Kay, Jay and Taylor Chitty at Sunset Cemetery.
The most striking thing to me was the way the caskets had been arranged. Jim and Kay's were flanked on either side by their son's caskets. It was a very poignant placement -- hinting at the cohesive and loving nature of the Chitty family.
The mourners present were a sea of umbrellas. I feel it's very satisfying when the weather reflects the mood of an occasion, and the rainfall and gray sky did just that.
After the burial, the exit procession of cars was lengthy -- practically every parking space in the area was taken. It was a great show of respect and support for the Chitty family during a truly difficult time.

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