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Storms: All you ever wanted to know and then some...

National Weather Service 7 day forecast -Not only is this a great Web site to get weather information from (no ads, very localized information) it has a geek factor unrivaled. Under the "Additional Forecasts & Information" click "Forecast Discussion." It's not exactly Vitale's color commentary, but if you're interested in the blow-by-blow of severe weather, it's kind of cool. And when severe weather isn't rolling though, NOAA and NWS both have a lot of content to browse through on each of their homepages.

Here's what the area looked like at 4 on Tuesday...

Storm Prediction Center - Another good bit of storm goodness...here you can see national trends.

Coast Guard Storm Center - In a boat? No Jonah to throw overboard? Take a few tips from the guys that KNOW weather and water the Coast Guard. (More about hurricanes and the high seas but still, good stuff to know.)

American Red Cross - A good resource that covers a lot of basic safety tips for being around severe weather.

Disaster Kits - Here's what you need in your home, workplace or car. Trust me, if you have this stuff on hand, you'll end up being someone's hero.

StormChaser's Code - If you're intrepid (or as my grandmother insists, stupid) enough to chase after these storms, this is a code to live by.

Weather on the Radio...on your computer... - Live streaming audio of NOAA's weather information.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    July 1, 2007 at 8:31 PM  

    I am a big fan of the hourly weather graph. And when there is a big storm in the winter check out the marine forecast out on Georges Bank, sometimes there are 40+ ft waves. top