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Celebrating Life, the Chitty Funeral

‘Only through Christ alone can we stand through this day’
Cherish Wilson - Jan. 6, 2007

SHELBY — As Haley Chitty arrived at the burial of her parents and two brothers, a mass of umbrellas shifted, allowing the 25-year-old woman and the friends and family who surrounded her to pass through.
Even as rain soaked the more than 150 people huddled in front of four matching caskets, a day-long journey began which was as much a celebration as a time of sorrow.
It started at 11 a.m. at Sunset Cemetery.
The family’s caskets were in a row; Jay and Taylor flanked Jim and Kay on either side. The parents’ caskets were raised slightly higher than their children’s. All four died in a plane crash in Charlotte on New Year’s Eve.
A tennis racket surrounded by bright yellow flowers stood in front of Taylor’s casket.
After reciting John 3:16, First Baptist Church Pastor Tony Tench reassured those present that Jim, Kay, Jay, and Taylor had not perished but were now enjoying an everlasting life. The burial service lasted less than 30 minutes.
Friday afternoon at 2, a celebration of life service was held at First Baptist Church.The church overflowed as both the main sanctuary and Webb Chapel held capacity crowds. Finding a parking place in uptown Shelby was nearly impossible.
Colleagues and friends of both Jim and Kay, friends and schoolmates of Jay and Taylor, neighbors and strangers simply wishing to pay their respects heard a lively arrangement of hymns.Nothing mournful, this music was filled was both praise and promise.Tench eulogized the Chittys and their influence on the lives of others and in their own family.
“Only through Christ alone can we stand through this day,” Tench said.

Friends and family celebrate lives of father, mother and sons

Remembering Jim
Tench spoke of Proverbs 17 calling Jim Chitty a cheerful heart and truly good medicine.The Chitty’s neighbor, David Miller, told Tench of Jim’s cheerful personality.
“The most recent conversation anyone had with Jim likely included laughter,” Miller said. Remembered and loved for his levity and quickness to laugh, Jim was remembered as well as a businessman, a servant of the community, and an avid University of North Carolina fan. His greatest priority, Tench said, was his family.
“He was a rock for me,” daughter Haley Chitty said.

Remembering Kay
A gracious servant, Kay was remembered as a woman quick to form relationships and as a reflection of her father, Carlos Young.
During her time as the 5th grade Sunday school teacher, Jerry Dycus said Kay had a gift for relating to children and when teaching “she brought God down from the skies and into their lives.”
Tench said Haley spoke of her mother as someone who was content never to take credit for anything and an aunt interjected, “You kids were her credit.”

Remembering Jay
“He lived as a brother,” Tench said.
Closely watched by his younger brother, Taylor, Jay served as an amazing role model, Tench said.
“Jay had a great responsibility,” Haley said. “Because Taylor went wherever Jay was going.”
Not only a brother to Haley and Taylor, Jay was brother to his friends and influenced nearly everyone he met.
“There has been little in my life that Jay was not a part of. Jay has a part of all my memories,” said friend and fellow tennis player Alex Pearson. “I wanted to be around Jay because I wanted to be like Jay.”

Remembering Taylor
Steve Young, Taylor’s uncle, called the boy “a little prince.”
“The whole world before him and such ability and such promise,” Young said.
A Carolina fan, like his parent and siblings before him, Taylor’s friend described Taylor’s devotion to the Tar Heels in a rather succinct way, “He loved Carolina and he hated Duke.”
Tench cited the gathering of friends at Shelby Middle School and the uptown candlelight vigil as evidence of Taylor’s rich friendships.
“He had already made a name for himself,” Tench said.

Honorary Pallbearers
Woody Kennedy Sunday School Class along with David Miller, Tripp Mabry, Harry Blanton, Jimmy Godwin, Odell Barnes, Steve Young and Bill Beam

Dot Hicks Sunday School Class

Davidson College Men’s Tennis Team along with Jay’s Davidson roommates Wilson McCrory, Keith Farrow and Carson Sanders and Shelby friends Jack Blalock, Alex Pearson, Randell Bowen, Alex Jimachello, Glenn Young, William Noblitt, Tripp Beam, David Rybnicek and cousins Will Beam and Franklin McKinney

The youth group of First Baptist Church, BSA Troop 100, Tom Kelly, Russell Vanzomeran and cousin Stevie Young

Bryan Young, Jeri Ledford, Andy Roby and Jeff Renn
- To God Be the Glory,
- Praise to the Lord Almighty,
- Blessed Be Your Name,
- How Great is Our God,
- How Great Thou Art,
- In Christ Alone
- Great Is Thy Faithfulness

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