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Vroom, Vroom....

I'm a big fan of cars. Love 'em. Love the speed, the engineering and the beauty. The past two weekends, I've taken my paltry little digital point and shoot out and about to the small car showings in Boiling Springs and Shelby. Below are the fruits of my labor. Bear in mind, they pay me to write -- not to take pictures.

Visitors check out a 1947 Ford Coupe on display at the Courthouse's Birthday Party.

Antique fire truck from Kings Mountain on display at the Courthouse's Birthday Party.

A 1957(?) Pontiac Star Chief on display at Springs Alive in Boiling Springs.

A 1970(?) Ford Mustang Boss 302, Springs Alive

And hey, if I got any of the above wrong, or you own any of the above, let me know! And if you owners would be willing to let me take your baby for a spin, make sure to let me know!

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