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C.S.I. Jefferson...

Second and first graders at Jefferson Elementary were treated to a visit from the Catawba Science Center Friday. The event, sponsored by OrthoCarolina, is designed to marry learning about science with having fun.
Different stations explained concepts of science and how those concepts could be used to identify people or evidence. At each station, students completed an activity which gave them clues as to the identity of their mystery suspect...
Students look at different rocks and minerals under a black light to find which one will fluoresce.

Students check out an ant colony and learn about efficient work.

Riley Taylor, Madison Hedgepath and Drew Darnell test unknown liquids to determine if they are acidic, basic or neutral. Volunteer Terri Seen explains the color changes.

Isaiah Etchison and Christopher Guest watch as volunteer Beth Larry explains how scientists can use the shape of a tooth to determine what kind of food an animal eats.

Adaya Howard is measured by volunteer Brandy Green. Scientist will measure certain parts of animals to help figure out how old they are. If Adaya was a bear, she would be just a year old!

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