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KidSenses confirms my geekdom...

KidSenses Museum in Rutherfordton is aimed at children age birth to 10 years old. I'm a little older than that but let me tell you -- I had a blast.

Of course, I went with adult supervision...Photographer Jeff Melton. Jeff is used to seeing me run around a little crazy. It may come as no surprise that I have a reputation for being easily amused and highly excitable. Add to that Kidsenses' lethal combination of bright colors and interactive exhibits and I'm hooked.

In some museums, there's a feeling of being overwhelmed as soon as you walk in the door. But KidSenses -- since kids were in mind during the design -- is artfully laid out. There is a sense of much to do, make no mistake. But there is also the feeling that it's all doable and rushing through it all wouldn't be very wise.
The entrance is packed with all the props a kid could need to have a fulfilling make-believe experience. A fire truck, a grocery store, a news studio, an art studio...I'm missing something, no doubt. Unfortunately, I'm too tall to convincingly play in the fire truck and I dwarfed the kid-sized grocery store. Jeff might tell you that fact didn't stop me from trying out everything but Jeff is just jealous he was definitely too tall do play in any of the exhibits.
There was a room dedicated to bubbles! You CANNOT go wrong with a room dedicated to bubbles. Big bubbles, too. You should not bring your kids to KidSense with the anticipation that they will be gazing, chin raised at various exhibits explaining tectonic plate movement and moving begrudgingly down the Hall of Early Man. It's interactive to the nth degree.
At $5 per person (though I recommend a season pass...) it's a nice way to beat the heat (or dodge bad weather) and keep the kids from vegging out. If you're a nerd like me, it's a great place to take the special kid in your life...cousin, niece, nephew, little sister... and surreptitiously enjoy your visit, too.

I did find at least one thing that fit me...a throne. That's no coincidence. I want this to be my new office chair.

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