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Dog fighting case...

I've been reading some of the response to an article I recently wrote regarding dogfighting. Yeah, reporters keep up with those comments and message board threads -- for better or for worse.

So, I'll address a few things.
Law enforcement said arrests were coming. But who knows how big this thing gets? The case is still young in the scheme of things. These guys are just as pissed off as you. So, patience.

Now, I'll admit, I'd like nothing better than to see these dogfighters receive the maximum penalty for their crimes. In NC, like most states, the whole enterprise is a felony. Even being a spectator at one of the events can mean serious consequences.
For me, the idea of fighting these dogs is nauseating and heartbreaking -- especially because it makes me think of my pit bull who died this past year.

Parker was one of the best dogs I've ever had. She was sweet and gentle. But she did have some aggression toward other dogs. Simple enough to combat -- we didn't expose her to other dogs. She was well trained and obedient -- most of the time. And she was exceptionally bright. She was found at a state park -- hence the name Parker -- and we feared advertising that we'd found here because someone might lie to get her and have a fighting dog. After asking around, no one had claimed her. She became our dog and short of a slight snoring problem she was perfect. I can't fathom getting any entertainment out of putting her in a pit with another dog and watching them fight. It turns my stomach.

So, I'll stay after this story, just like the cops will stay after this case.

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