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In brief...

It’s been a busy week for everyone – I feel like I’ve barely been able to make over to Shelby High School at all this week. Most surprisingly, I miss it terribly if I can’t make to rehearsal. I can’t claim to shed a tear when my schedule doesn’t allow for some of my other obligations, but I’m sure that isn’t rare.

Rehearsals grow evermore involved and precise. We’re adding “tech” and polishing blocking. Main characters are donning microphones and costumes are being fitted. (I say we as if it is I running around building sets, tweaking mics, and slaving over a sewing machine.)
For me, all the preparation has been a dreadful reminder that soon – sooner than I realized – I’ll be on stage with all these guys in front of the entirety of Malcolm Brown Auditorium.
Certainly I am not too proud to admit that I have developed a nervous little knot in my stomach that is occasionally accompanied by a nice lump in my throat whenever I think about the performance.

But, with every rehearsal and every encouraging word from Steve Padgett, Kathie Burgin, Traci Aderholt and Mike Sisk and every kindness from the cast and crew – I get a little less nervous. At least until I start thinking about it all again!

Look for more video and pictures in the coming week on my blog and at shelbystar.com under the interactive feature section on the home page.


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