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Apres moi...

Journalist. Malcontent. Cutie-pie. Worry-wart.


I love music. I love song. I have a good ear — I can hear an off note misfire without difficulty.

And there’s my curse people.

See, I know that when I sing, it’s not a pleasant experience for the listener. Oh, but I used to have a voice. As a child, I could sing. Somewhere in puberty I got womanly curves but lost a soprano set of pipes.

Oh how I wish I was one of those people (usually in the pew behind you) who make a joyful noise unto the Lord that's so cacophonous only their Lord and Savior could love it. They sing loud and proud and have no clue five miles away some golden retriever has cocked its head to the side in curiosity.

Nowadays, only an unfortunate few are privy to my singing. That’s about to change. Pretty soon, my voice will be on display for a much larger population.

Thanks to a kind invitation from Kathie Burgin and Steve Padgett — drama gurus of Shelby High School — I’ll be taking part in the school’s spring musical “Oklahoma!”
I’ll be going to rehearsals, learning the music, care of Tracy Aderholt, and the moves … I even get a costume. (I hope, hope, hope there's a bonnet.)

While preparing myself for the fabled gauntlet that is a Burgin-Padgett-Aderholt collaboration, I took a closer look at “Oklahoma!” I have to confess that while I’ve seen many musicals and know some by heart (Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...I could go on. And on.), I don’t think I’ve ever seen “Oklahoma!” in its entirety.

I know the part with the “Oooooooklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain…” I’ve always felt a sort of solidarity with people from Oklahoma. I’m sure when they tell people where they’re from they have to hear that line at least six out of 10 times. I know what a trial that can be after growing up with a name that has been the title to songs by The Association, Kool and the Gang and Madonna.
(I also feel this bond with people named Roxanne, Gloria, Michelle, Janie, Angie, Brandy, Laura, Caroline, Layla, Jenny - and your number, Mickey, Jack and Diane, Sara, Lucy, Rhonda, Jolene, Sandy, Sherry, Eileen, Loretta, Donna, and Stacy's mom.)

And I know “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” but that’s more due to my grandfather’s constant crooning when I was growing up than the movie.

I did some research — i.e. Google, YouTube and Wikipedia — and found some videos of the musical numbers. After watching the performances and the square-dance-like choreography I have a sneaking suspicion that singing may not be my biggest hurtle. (Cause my singing my be gauche but my rhythm is laughable. And it doesn't help I'm built like a chubby spider-monkey.)

But I look forward to learning about the production process and getting to know some of the students I’ll be working alongside with. I never did drama in high school, so I think this will be a nice chance to revisit those days. (AND THOSE DAYS WEREN'T SO LONG AGO...just for the record.)

So, check in here when you can. I'll be updating the blog when I can and every Friday I'll have a column in the print edition. I'll be doing some video, too.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions or advice.

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